Equity and Human Rights


Western is committed to equity in employment and is proud of the diversity of its workforce. We recognize the value and dignity of each individual and are committed to ensuring that all employees are able to effectively and efficiently use their skills and experience to contribute to the organization's performance, production and service delivery. Western fosters employment equity and diversity in the workplace through the following initiatives:

Committees & Services

A variety of committees and services on campus help to promote employment equity, create an environment free of harassment and discrimination, promote the safety of all individuals, and celebrate our diversity. The following is a list of committees and services devoted to creating a supportive environment on campus:

Recruitment and Retention

To improve the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty and staff members from diverse backgrounds, Western has implemented the following:

Professional and Career Development

Professional and career development opportunities are important aspects of Western’s employment equity and diversity initiatives. Western offers the following:

Training and Educational Programs on Employment Equity & Diversity

Western, through Equity and Human Rights Services and the various committees dedicated to issues of employment equity and diversity, conducts training and education programs on employment equity, diversity, harassment and discrimination and other related issues. These programs are designed to meet the needs of faculty, staff, managers and students, and are, in many cases, adapted to meet the specific issues faced by the group involved in the training.

Duty to Accommodate

Western honours the duty to accommodate as prescribed by the Ontario Human Rights Code. The duty to accommodate applies to all protected grounds outlined in the Ontario Human Rights Code. Here are some examples of how the duty to accommodate fosters Western’s diversity:


The benefits listed below may be helpful for a variety of professional and personal situations. These programs help to foster a climate where diversity is recognized and valued: