Employment Equity

Western is committed to employment equity and diversity. This commitment is confirmed in Western’s most recent Strategic Plan, Achieving Excellence on the World Stage (2014), which includes the following statement:

"At Western, we strive to attract and retain the best talent available while simultaneously increasing the diversity of our workplace. In recent years Western has been successful in achieving its goal to increase the number of women appointed to faculty, to staff, and to leadership positions across the campus, and has worked hard to decrease barriers to their career progress; we must continue these efforts. Western is a community that respects, embraces, nurtures and celebrates the diversity of its members. Our community is one where all members are valued, respected and included. We strive to ensure our workplace is fully accessible and respectful of people's different needs and abilities. Western supports a healthy work-life balance and recognizes the right of every member of the Western community to study, work and conduct his or her activities in an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Each member of our community is accountable for ensuring that the University's policies in support of this imperative are upheld."    Achieving Excellence on the World Stage (2014)

One of the many ways that Equity & Human Rights Services (EHRS) helps foster diversity at Western is through our support of the University's employment equity policy. While employment equity and diversity are central to our mission in EHRS, all members of the university community share in the responsibility of creating an equitable and diverse campus.

Western's Employment Equity Survey

The purpose of the Employment Equity Survey is to provide an accurate picture of the composition and diversity of Western's workforce.