Centre for Environment and SustainabilityWestern Science


2016 Seed Grants

Competition is now closed. Selected projects are posted under Research Areas 

Proposals are due on January 29, 2016.

Please submit to Holly Sanderson

Title and Description

Write a brief, but clear (one page) description of the objectives, methods and significance of the project. Include a statement explaining how future funding will be sought.


List the researchers involved in the project, their affiliations and their roles (one page).

Budget and Justification

Explain how the seed funds will be used over the 1 year grant period (one page).

Evaluation Criteria

The successful proposals will be selected by an executive committee consisting of 8 individuals from different departments. The committee will be focusing on a) the merit of the proposed research, b) the interdisciplinarity of the research, c) the involvement of new collaborators, d) appropriateness of the project for this funding program, e) potential for development of the project beyond the 1 year grant period, and f) potential for promoting change in the factors leading to environment and sustainability issues. Ideally, one grant will be awarded to proposals from each of the five research areas. However, if applications are not received for one research area, funding will be distributed to the other four areas of research. 


The successful recipients must submit a final report within one year of the grant end date. If a report is not submitted, the researchers will not be considered for future CES seed grants. The researchers must acknowledge the funding support received from the CES where appropriate.