2016 Seed Grants for Western Researchers

Research and learning in the CES is driven by identified needs in addressing key environment and sustainability issues, as well as building on existing strengths across campus. With the intent of forging new research collaborations between faculties, the CES will be awarding seed grants in five broad research areas. The grants are intended to promote the generation of additional funding, conferences, training, and targeted deliverables (e.g. projects, publications) among researchers whose areas of expertise align. The proposed projects must demonstrate an understanding of how collaborative research will involve or lead to increased awareness, policy and/or decision-making. Current collaborators may apply, but the proposal should include 1 or more new collaborators. In addition, a minimum of 2 faculties or schools should be represented. Collaborators are encouraged to involve graduate and/or undergraduate students in the use of the seed grant.

Duration Proposals Due
$5,000 1 year January 29, 2016