Undergraduate Theses

Environmental Science Thesis Projects


The impact of social response on the approvals process of wind turbine projects in Ontario
G. Everard; Supervisor: G. Holburn, Richard Ivey School of Business
Awarded for best oral presentation

Diatom preservation in Jasper National Park, Alberta
L. Kis; Supervisor: K. Moser, Geography
Awarded for best oral presentation

The effect of patch configuration of disturbance on the recolonization of mesofauna.
M. Meehan; Supervisor: Z. Lindo, Biology 

The interactive role of edge effects and habitat quality in maintaining biodiversity.
S. Taylor; Supervisor: Z. Lindo, Biology

Using Collembola bioassays to evaluate phytoremediation-induced change in Cadmium toxicity in soil.
B. Hodgins; Supervisor: S. Macfie, Biology

Investigating the ability of Pseudomonas putida to reduce cadmium stress in various crop species.
L. Albano; Supervisor: S. Macfie, Biology

Monitoring the impact of urban environments on mercury contamination of local aquatic ecosystems using the crayfish, Orconectes propinquus as a bioindicator species.
N. Edgar; Supervisors: G. Taylor/B. Branfireun, Biology/Centre for Environment & Sustainability

Effects of increased nitrogen deposition on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community composition in a tallgrass prairie.
C. Catomeris; Supervisors: G. Thorn/H. Henry, Biology

Effects of nitrogen pollution on lichen communities in rural southwestern Ontario.
D. Kavanagh; Supervisor: G. Thorn, Biology

An assessment of allelopathic effects using lake samples containing cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom cells from south-central Ontario through use of an anti-algal assay and gill cell assay.
A. Schellenbach; Supervisors: C. Trick/I. Creed, Biology

The effect of SmartAppetite on greenhouse gas emissions via a shift in diet.
J. Melwani; Supervisors: J. Gilliland/R. Sadler, Geography

Who purchases local food: identifying the demand drivers for local food systems.
A. Syed; Supervisors: J. Gilliland/ R. Sadler

Investigating the C and N characteristics of modern aquatic and terrestrial inputs to lake sediments in Utah.
R. Doyle; Supervisors: K. Moser/F. Longstaffe, Geography, Earth Sciences

A vehicle traverse-based study of the urban heat island effect in London, Ontario.
A. Behr; Supervisor: J. Voogt, Geography

Exploring the spatial variation of rainfall at the rooftop scale.
T. Wiechers; Supervisor: J. Voogt, Geography

Agricultural best management effects on stream metabolism.
N. Pearce; Supervisor: A. Yates, Geography

Influence of historical water chemistry parameters on lead species in DWDS Corrosion scale layers.
S. Johnston Edwards; Supervisor: C. Robinson, Civil & Environmental Engineering