Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the co-op?

The co-op must provide a minimum of 500 hours of work for the student. This works out to be approximately 16 weeks of full-time (40 hours/week) work.

How does the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit Work?

After the successful completion of the MES Co-op, the Co-op Advisor will email or mail a letter confirming your participation in this co-op program. This letter can then be submitted to process your tax return. Visit this link for further details on how to claim the tax credit:

Can I hire the student for a second term?

Absolutely! You can hire a student for an extended contract after the co-op hours are officially completed in August. Something to note is that the student is no longer part of an academic program, so you will not be eligible for the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit for the extended period.

Can a student work from home?

We do allow students to work from a home office for approximately 30% of their work week. However, we do appreciate the mentorship and supervision that an employer can offer a student over the work term. The MES Co-op Advisor will review requests for this type of work on a case-by-case basis.


Can I post a co-op opportunity at more than one university?

Yes, you are more than welcome to post your summer co-op opportunity with Western University in addition to other universities or colleges where you feel you might also attract qualified candidates. The MES Co-op Office will coordinate with other schools for interviews and job offers.

Is there funding to support a co-op student work term?

There are various supports that exist to provide funding to host an MES student co-op. Please refer to our funding page.

What type of work can the students do for me?

In the past years, students have worked on a wide variety of projects. They have completed Green House Gas inventories, written “green” procurement policies, performed “LEED” building audits, completed best practices research for building developers, provided an overall sustainability assessment and long term plan, assisted with tasks related to corporate social responsibility, all sorts of things! As this program is interdisciplinary, students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds and thus we can most likely find a student with the right skills to meet your needs.

Please our yearly summary of co-op positions from our “DispatchES” magazine.

What administrative tasks are required of me over the co-op term?

We ask that you complete a “Learning Outcomes” form in conjunction with the student within the first two weeks of the work term. We also require that you complete a mid-point and final evaluation form to comment on the students’ performance over the co-op. Finally, as the students are required to reflect and report on their experience on the co-op, we require that you review and approve their final report.

How many students are in the program?

Typically, there are approximately 30-40 students in the program.

Western is in London, Ontario, do I have to come to campus for interviews?

No. You don’t have to visit campus to conduct interviews. We can arrange for Skype or Telephone interviews. In some cases, we can arrange to have the students visit your location as well.

If you are able to come to London, we have top notch interviewing facilities available to you at no cost. We will also provide you with a parking pass and all the information you need to get here and enjoy visiting our beautiful and historic campus.

Am I obligated to hire a student once I post a job?

No, you are not obligated to hire at any point. You may review resumes and even interview, but if you do not find the right set of skills among our student group, you do not have to make an offer of employment.