Employer Testimonials

“Excellent opportunity to connect theory into practice; valuable work experience for student and valuable, skilled and enthusiastic resource for employers.”
Gavin Maher, Infrastructure Ontario

“We have been most impressed with how easy the process to hire a student has been and the quality of the individual we have hired.”
Michele Rich, The Environment Network

"Very organized and supportive of making a meaningful relationship and experience for both student and employer. The right balance of guidance and freedom so that the student and employer have the flexibility to structure the placement to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome."
Sonya D’Cunha, Knowlton Development Corporation

"[The co-op program has] Helpful background information and processes set up to ensure clear learning objectives and performance evaluation checks [for the students].  It has been a very positive experience for the bank." 
Kim Brand, ScotiaBank

“[Our Student] has been an excellent addition to FCM and is working well with her colleagues.  She is a self-starter that requires little supervision, she is always personable and takes direction easily.” 
Andrew Kemp, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

"Great program.  Proud to be a part of it..."
Michael Wymant, BLJC