Tuition and Financial Support

Tuition and Fees

2017-18 MES Program*  Fall Winter Summer Program
Domestic Students /Permanent Residents 5 220 ** 4 500† 4 500† 2 190 16 410†
International Students (Study Permit) 10 705** 9 990† 9 990† 2 190 32 875†



Tuition is divided into three payments, due at the beginning of each term in September, January and May. "Tuition" includes basic tuition, general university ancillary fees and a student bus pass.The Program Specific fee, is not included in the tuition fee calculation. This fee supports unique aspects of the MES program.

For additional detailed information on fee structures and inclusions, please refer to the fee schedules issued by the Office of the Registrar.

* While every effort has been made to ensure the above schedule is accurate and complete, Western University reserves the right to make changes as required. Fees are subject to change each academic year. Changes are issued in June and effective September 1st of each year. The figures shown above are for the 2017-18 year only, and shall be used as a guide to estimate fees by those considering the program in future years.  
**Includes Student Health and Dental Plan coverage for the full year, payable in full, in the September term only.
†  Estimates only.

Financial Support

The MES degree program is a one-year, course-based program with a cooperative work term. Students do not complete a research thesis and as this is the case, university-based funding for students is limited to sources listed below. Other sources of campus-based employment income such as Teaching Assistantships (TA)and Research Assistantships (RA) are not open to MES students.  

Western Financial Assistance

  • Western Graduate Bursary Assistance
    Canadian students receiving OSAP may be eligible for an internal bursary based on financial need. Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies web pages for more information on financial assistance.

  • Western's Work-study Program
    MES students may apply for work-study positions on campus. These positions are designed to be flexible, allowing for adequate study time while earning a part-time income. A variety of positions requiring a variety of skills are available. The student must be participating in an OSAP program to be eligible (see below).  

External Funding Sources


OGS funding is open to all domestic and international applicants to the MES program who have achieved an overall average of at least 80% (A-) or equivalent, in each of the last two completed years of full-time study (full-time equivalent). The eligibility averages are based on grades appearing on transcripts up to August 31, 2016.


The Scholarship has a value of $15 000 for one year, disbursed in three payments of $5 000 in September, January and May

When to Apply

You must submit an on-line MES program application and pay the application fee before beginning an application for corresponding OGS funding. OGS applications are accepted between October and January of each year. Funds awarded are applied in the following academic year. See the awarding timeline information below.


October 1: start of the MES program application period for the program beginning the following September.

October 1: start of the OGS application period for applicants to programs beginning the following September.

January 24: OGS Application deadline; the on-line OGS Application is closed to new OGS applicants. Those with applications "in progress" prior to January 22 are not affected.  

January 31: Final Submission deadline; the On-line Application portal closes for the year. All applications must be completed by this date.

April 30: Start date for OGS application results released to applicants through The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Application Components

The on-line application is divided into components and can be completed at your own pace:

Academic History - a summary of your previous academic history, accomplishments and awards.

Proposal - your outline of proposed research.

Referees - identify two professors who will each complete and upload an academic recommendation in support of your OGS application.

Consents and Acknowledgements - confirmation that you understand your responsibilities in completing this application prior to submission.