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Recommendations for Applicants

  1. Space in the MES Program is limited and the number of available positions will change with each round of selections. Early application to the program is recommended to increase the opportunity for selection in each round.

  2. Pay the application fee promptly; Instructions on payment methods are included with the on-line application. The application fee for the 2018 MES Program is 115.00 CDN. Your application will not be assessed until payment is received (no later than the deadline for submissions). The application fee is non-refundable.

  3. MES program applicants who wish to apply for OGS funding must have completed the MES program application before starting the application for funding. Please read carefully the January deadlines for submission of both applications.

  4. International applicants who will be submitting English language test scores must submit the official copy of results before an assessment of the full application can be completed.
  5. Avoid delays in the delivery of your references:

    • referees will not receive the request to fill out reference form needed to complete your application until you provide accurate contact information on the on-line application. It is recommended that applicants contact their chosen referees in advance of application to both ask for the reference and provide information on the process for submission of the reference (Electronic Reference Form).

    • Identifying and recording referee information on the on-line application early avoids peak periods when referees are busy or unavailable to take the time to fulfill the request. We cannot assess an application that does not include referee forms due to late delivery.

    • use Western's electronic reference letter system for the submission of reference material. We cannot accept reference letters that have been opened and uploaded on the system by the applicant. You may send paper-based reference letters directly to us, unopened and by mail but we highly recommend the electronic method to ensure the delivery of the information on time and to ensure the information we request is properly provided by the referee using the form.

  6. Submit only the materials that have been requested. Additional materials will not be reviewed and will cause delays in the processing of your application. A few examples of additional material are listed below.

    • GRE test scores
    • curriculum vitae or resume
    • improperly formatted Statement of Intent or a submission exceeding the word limit
    • work portfolios, research papers, articles, thesis
    • outdated ESL scores
    • financial statements
    • extra letters of reference (except for testimonials of English language proficiency)
    • duplicates of any materials

  7. Avoid delays in the delivery of Post-Assessment Official Documents (Offer Of Admission pending)

    • order official transcripts as early as possible as these documents may take several weeks to arrive.Western students are exempt from submission of an official Western transcript.

    • Additional delays in the delivery of transcripts ordered at peak periods may be avoided by ordering well before the submission deadline

    • consider using a courier service for delivery of documentation and use the tracking services to monitor the delivery

    • use the correct, complete mailing address for prompt delivery of documents

      School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
            International and Graduate Affairs Building
      Western University
      London, Ontario, Canada, N6G 1G9
      Tel: 519-661-2102