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Selecting an Environment and Sustainability program Advisor

Students are required to select their Advisor within the first term of study in the Collaborative Environment and Sustainability program and are encouraged to choose an E&S Advisor whose research interests overlap with their thesis research areas, or who have expertise that the student wishes to explore. Home department research Supervisors may wish to give students guidance on suitable Advisors.

Students are encouraged to use the list of Advisors provided to begin their search but may approach other Western faculty who do not currently appear on the list to fulfill this role.

In order to complete the selection of the Advisor, the student must contact the proposed Advisor to learn if he or she is an appropriate choice and if he or she is available to act in this capacity. If the proposed Advisor does not appear on the list provided, additional processes must occur before the proposed Advisor can serve in this capacity.

Students are responsible for reporting their selection within the first term of studies.

Please see our forms page to complete the Selection process.

Note: Some home departments will require students to establish a thesis advisory committee; many students will elect home department faculty members who are also associated with Collaborative Environment and Sustainability program to sit on these committees. We encourage this practice in fulfillment of home department committee requirements but these faculty members cannot also serve as the student’s extra-departmental Environment and Sustainability program Advisor.

Faculty members who wish to be added to the list should contact the program office.