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Admission and Program Requirements

Admission for Registered Graduate Students

The Collaborative Environment and Sustainability Program is not a direct entry program. Graduate students may apply to the program following admission to and registration in a HOME Program (department), where the student will have a research supervisor, complete a research thesis and earn a graduate degree in a specific discipline.  

Program Entry Restrictions

Masters students: admission is restricted to part-time and full-time students entering their first year of studies in the home department.

PhD students: admission is restricted to part-time and full-time students entering their first year of studies in a home department, but may seek entry to the program as late as the first term of their second full year of studies.

Students enrolled in one-year masters programs shall seek advice on program eligibility from the Collaborative Environment and Sustainability Program office before application.

Research Interests

The applicant must be completing research (in any discipline) that is related to the study of the environment or sustainability.


The applicant must have the permission of the home department research supervisor to participate in the Collaborative Environment and Sustainability Program.

Good Academic Standing

Applicants in the process of completing home program degree requirements must be in "good academic standing" in the home program.

Attendance and Participation

Applicants will be prepared to participate fully in the program. Attendance and overall program participation is required in order to successfully advance through the program.

About Home Programs

The Collaborative Environment and Sustainability Program welcomes graduate students from all faculties and most departments. A list of home programs includes but is not limited to: Chemistry, Engineering, Political Science, Anthropology, History, Microbiology and Immunology, Geography, Biology, Physics, Law, Business, Computer Science, Sociology, Earth Sciences, Information and Media Studies and the Faculty of Education, with a designated supervisor overseeing their research/thesis work within that discipline.

Home Program Admissions

Admission to a home program (department) must occur before application to the collaborative program. Application deadlines and admissions processes are unique to each department and separate from Collaborative Environment and Sustainability Program processes. Prospective Western students will contact and consult directly with home programs to learn about the admissions process in the department that interests them and the method of identification of a home department research supervisor.

Program Requirements and Progression

1.5 credits in Environment and Sustainability courses, in addition to home department course requirements.  
Environment and Sustainability Advisor
Students will select an Environment and Sustainability Advisor during their the first term in the program as a requirement. The student must meet with the Advisor at least once per academic year, while in the program. This is a minimum requirement. 
Students must maintain a strong attendance and participation record to successfully advance through the program. 

Registration in the collaborative program is concurrent to home program degree studies. The length of time spent in the program will depend in part upon the duration of the home program and full-time or part-time enrollment status of the student. Progression through the Environment and Sustainability component is based upon participation in and successful completion of the required Environment and Sustainability Collaborative Program courses and other program requirements at the time of graduation from the home program. Typically, progression through the collaborative program will take two full years for master's students and three or four years for PhD students, depending upon point of entry.

Application Form
Applications for Fall 2016: Due September 23, 2016