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Invited Speakers

We are very excited that there will be three invited speakers at this year's Earth Day Colloquium! 

Sujane Kandasamy

The Starfish Canada

In its infancy, The Starfish Canada was an online platform for young writers to discuss their concerns and solutions to issues rooted in environmentalism.  With the hard work of our dedicated volunteer team, it has since sprouted into a non-profit organization committed to education, innovation, creative knowledge translation, and the celebration of young Canadian environmentalists.  I would like to invite you on my "co-founder's journey"--a reflection of some of the challenges and triumphs of being a young professional conversing with youth about sustainability, biodiversity, and the interconnectedness of social, political, and environmental issues.

Mary Muter

Chair of Great Lakes Chapter of Sierra Club Canada

Chair, Great Lakes Section, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, coordinator for McMaster University's aquatic ecosystem research led by Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser under Agreement with Sierra Club Canada Foundation, member Bi-national Coordinating Committee for all 9 Great Lakes Sierra Club Chapters, chaired GBA Foundation water levels research that led to the report by internationally respected coastal consulting engineers W. F. Baird and Associates that first identified erosion and human intervention in the St. Clair River as a significant contributing factor to sustained low water levels on Lakes Michigan/Huron/Georgian Bay, volunteer coordinator for Township of Georgian Bay water quality assessment in nearshore waters 1999 - 2009, Retired public health nurse.

Sybil Taylor

Steam Whistle Brewing


Steam Whistle Brewing’s Sustainability Journey – Sybil Taylor, Steam Whistle’s first employee and the founder of their Environmental Committee will detail many of the initiatives that have helped Steam Whistle to win the reputation as Canada’s Greenest Brewery. She will share the various roles and responsibilities of their environmental stewardship and the many benefits to their business.