Earth Day Colloquium 2014

Earth Day Colloquium 2014: April 9-10 in London, ON

The Earth Day Colloquium (EDC) is now in its 11th year! This conference is organized by graduate students at Western University and FREE to attend and participate in. This event aims to bring together the knowledge and research of undergraduate and graduate students and community members involved in environment and sustainability.

EDC welcomes posters and talks on topics related to environment and sustainability.

To see a list of our keynote and invited speakers, see below or check out our speaker bio page for more details about our speakers and their abstracts.

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Registration Information

Registration for the colloquium will take place in P&AB on all day Thursday, April 10. Lunch tickets will be available for purchase at the registration desk for $10.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Diane Orihel, Freshwater Ecologist, University of Alberta
Founder, Coalition to Save the ELA (Experimental Lakes Area)
Environmental Advocacy in a Political Tempest: Campaign to Save the Experimental Lakes Area

Invited Speakers

Brenda Dolling, Farmer/Educator
President, Whole Village Co-operative
Permaculture and Sustainable Living

Barbara Macdonell, Senior Environmental Planner; Melissa Raffoul, Environmental Planner
Project Delivery Office, Windsor Border Initiatives Implementation Group, Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway: Supporting Community and Ecological Sustainability

Dr. Tony Weis, writer, researcher, University of Western Ontario
The Ecological Hoofprint: The Global Burden of Industrial Livestock

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