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Major in Theatre Studies

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Admission Requirements:

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from English 1020E or 1022E or 1024E or 1035E or 1036E or both English 1027F/G and 1028F/G with a mark of at least 60%.

Students will be eligible for an Honors BA with double major if they obtain a 70% average in the courses of each major module with no mark less than 60% in each course.  No failures are permitted on options.

6.0 courses:

2.0 courses taken in Year 2: TS 2201F/G: Understanding Performance, TS 2202F/G: Performance Beyond Theatres, TS 2203E: Forms and Genres of Theatre.

4.0 courses taken in Years 3 and Year 4 from:  TS 3201F/G: Great Directors, TS 3202F/G: Space, Location and Scenography, TS 3203F/G: The Profane Text (Theatrical Adaptation), TS 3204F/G: Crafting Theatre, TS 3205F/G: History of Performance Theory, TS 3206F/G: Shakespeare and Performance, TS 3207F/G: Voice and Text in the Theatre, TS 3208F/G: Table Work, TS 3209F/G: Indigenous Theatre and Performance, TS 4211F/G: The Performance Archive, TS 4212F/G: Theatre Talk, TS 4213F/G: In Your Skin: Sexualities and Performance, TS 4214F/G: Contemporary Issues in Performance Theory, TS 4215F/G: Destination Theatre.  At least 1.0 course must be at the 4000 level.

Up to 1.0 relevant course other than Theatre Studies may be substituted with permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studie.

Note: TS 3206F/G and TS 3207F/G are offered at the Stratford Festival Theatre during Summer Day.  Interested students are advised to take these courses no later than the end of Year 3 to meet graduation deadlines.