Diversity Requirements

The Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature requires students to take at least a 0.5 course in the literature of diversity. This can be done concurrently while completing another requirement (for example, 3200F/G may be counted as both a theory course and a diversity course; 3320F/G may be counted as both a pre-1800 course and a diversity course).

The list below includes all regular courses which can be counted toward the diversity requirement. Certain “Special Topics” courses may also be applicable to this requirement, in which case please contact the Undergraduate Chair.

New Courses (i.e. post Sept. 2017):
English 2164E - Human Rights and Creative Practices
English 2601E - Global Literatures in English Survey
English 3200F/G - Feminist Literary Theory
English 3202F/G - National and Global Perspectives on Cultural Studies
English 3204F/G - Critical Race Theory
English 3320F/G - Desire in the Renaissance
English 3353F/G - The Woman Question: Nineteenth-Century Woman Writers
English 3471F/G - Ballots and Bullets: US Literature and Civil Rights
English 3571F/G - Be/Longing: Global Literature in Canada
English 3572F/G - Canadian Literature and Multiculturalism
English 3670F/G - Global Indigenous Literatures
English 3671F/G - Testimony, Trauma and Revitalization in Indigenous Writings
English 3678F/G - Cultures of African Queer Representations
English 3679F/G - Topics in Postcolonial Literature
English 3680F/G - First Nations Literatures
English 3700E - Women & Literature: Special Topics
English 3890F/G - Women & Literature: Special Topics
English 3991F/G - Sexuality & Literature: Special Topics

Old Numbers (i.e. pre-Sept. 2017):
English 2264E - Human Rights and Creative Practices
English 3880F/G - First Nations Literatures
English 3882F/G - Topics in Postcolonial Literature
English 3886F/G - Sexuality & Literature: Special Topics
English 3887E - Sexuality & Literature: Special Topics