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Sara Marie Jones Memorial Scholarship in English

This Scholarship, valued at $500, was made possible by generous donations from the family and friends of Sara Marie Jones, who was a graduate student pursuing research in English at Western. Establishment of the Scholarship occurred through the good offices of Foundation Western. The Scholarship is awarded annually to a first year PhD student. To be eligible to compete, students must have attained a minimum academic average in their PhD course-work of 80%. Competitors must submit one essay, which may be new material or previously-written material for a course taken in the graduate program at Western. Essay should not exceed fifteen pages double-spaced, twelve-point font. If you would like to be considered for this Scholarship, please submit one electronic copy and one hard copy of an essay (with name on the first page only) to the Graduate Office (UC 2401C) by TBA (early May 2020).

The Carl F. and Margaret E. Klinck Prize

The Carl F. and Margaret E. Klinck Prize is awarded for outstanding work in a thesis in the field of Canadian Literature. The nominee must be in the fourth year of the PhD or beyond.

If you are currently supervising or have recently supervised a candidate who qualifies for the award, please submit a letter of nomination that details the reasons for the nomination (e.g., quality of writing, excellence of research, originality of argument). In addition to the letter of nomination, the thesis abstract and a short excerpt from the dissertation (20-25 pages) must be submitted. If the candidate has defended the thesis, the external examiner's report will also be part of the adjudication process. Please also include a note over the candidate's signature authorizing the submission of the above materials. The Committee on Graduate Studies will make a decision based on the materials submitted. Please note that the terms of the award stipulate that a candidate can only be nominated once.

The deadline for submission of letter of nomination, thesis abstract, thesis excerpt, and student authorization (along with the external examiner report, if applicable) for the 2019-20 competition is TBA (early April 2020).

The McIntosh Prize

The McIntosh Prize is an annual prize awarded for the best public lecture given by a fourth-year PhD student on a topic growing out of his or her thesis.

The purposes of this event are as follows:
To confer an academic distinction upon an outstanding participant.
To provide stimulation for all participants as they progress toward completion of their thesis work.
To give experience in the skill of communicating scholarly research to a general audience.
To strengthen solidarity among PhD Year 4 students (along with graduate students more generally), at a time in their progression when it is possible to feel somewhat isolated. You should therefore attend all lectures.

Participation is mandatory for all fourth year PhD students, as it satisfies the SGPS requirement for a public lecture before submitting the thesis.

Please submit the tentative title of your presentation to the Graduate Office (UC 2401C) by TBA (early April 2020).

The Dr. Betty Bandeen Graduate Award in English

Awarded in odd years to a full-time graduate student in a Masters or Doctoral program in English, based on financial need and academic performance (minimum 78% average). Applications may be obtained from the Department of English and must be submitted by October 31. A committee in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, with representation by a current member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, will select the recipient. $1,800 (odd years)  This competition will be held again in October 2019. A call for applications will go out early in the Fall.