The Prospectus

The Thesis Prospectus should be a succinct document, outlining the candidate’s topic, objectives, approaches, methods, and resources for the thesis. It should be prepared in consultation with the supervisor-designate and optionally also the second reader-designate. The following form and content are required:
  • Candidate's name, degrees, and student number, with e-address.
  • Names of supervisor and second reader, with e-addresses.
  • Working title of thesis.
  • A series of main body paragraphs. The following sequence is suggested but other sequencing is permissible and may work better in particular cases:
    • A paragraph stating the proposed topic (or "working hypothesis") and showing that it is innovative or covers territory not adequately investigated in previous scholarship.
    • A paragraph very briefly describing the candidate’s proposed approach to the topic, with some indications of underlying theory, philosophy, mode of critique, methodology, etc., as appropriate.
    • A paragraph documenting the nature, location, and availability of resources, such as bibliographical materials. Any additional skills needed for execution of the project (e.g., language acquisition) should also be mentioned here. If it is proposed to conduct author interviews or other processes involving human subjects, this should be specifically noted.
    • A paragraph outlining the steps or stages in which it is proposed to conduct the research. Alternatively, or as well, the main subtopics of the thesis may be projected. There should, however, be no formal division into chapters or outright anticipation of conclusions.
    • A short bibliography of items referred to in the prospectus.
Length of prospectus: 750 words (not counting the bibliography).

Submission date: 25 June of Year 2, to the Committee on Graduate Studies, via the Graduate Assistant.

Process: The Committee on Graduate Studies will discuss and report back on the Prospectus within ten working days. Where revisions are deemed necessary, a consultation will be held between the Chair of Graduate Studies, representing the Committee, and the candidate. Final approval of the Prospectus should normally have occurred within fifteen working days of original submission.