Compulsory Course in Bibliography and Textual Studies

English 9002A is a compulsory half-course for all students in the MA year or in a PhD program. A student who regards his or her previous training in bibliography and textual studies as satisfactory must arrange to see the course instructor, who will assess that previous training and determine whether or not the student must take English 9002A. This course will include study of annotation, the history and nature of textual scholarship in English, documents, the history of book production, printing, and editing.

English 9002A is marked on a pass-fail basis; the passing grade is 60%. Any student receiving less than this grade is entitled either to write the examination again the next time it is given or to take the course again. Whichever option is chosen, the student must pass the course at the second attempt and will be asked to leave the program if he or she fails to do so.