Dossier Service

What is a Graduate Dossier?

A Graduate Dossier is a repository of information used in applying for academic positions. The file may contain a CV (Curriculum Vitae, derived from Latin and meaning “course of life”), transcripts, letters of reference, writing samples, and teaching information, which is stored confidentially for PhD students.

What should I do first?

Searching for academic employment can be very time consuming.  To help you prepare in advance, it is recommended that you: 

1) contact your referees (at least three) to request reference letters
2) order graduate transcripts
3) compile your CV and Teaching Dossier

Compiling a Dossier

Western offers valuable information to help you compile an effective dossier.  Please see the following resources:

The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides information for instructors and graduate students on putting together a dossier that summarizes your teaching experiences and abilities,

Career Education and Western StudentExperiece offers the basics of writing a good CV,

The quality of your documents may help determine whether you get to the next step.

There is no cost to keep a dossier in the department.  For more information please contact