Dossier Service

What is a Graduate Dossier?

A Graduate Dossier is a repository of information used in applying for academic positions. The file may contain cv’s, transcripts, letters of reference, writing samples, and teaching information (statement on teaching philosophy, course syllabi, evaluations, etc.), and is kept confidentially for PhD students.

The Graduate Dossier Service is held in the main office, Department of English, and is maintained by Vivian Foglton. Please send your documents to her electronically, or leave hard copies with her.

Is there a fee?

There is no cost to keep a dossier in the department. However, a cost will be incurred if the applicant wishes to send an application through a courier service because of an impending deadline.

What should I do first?

Searching for academic employment can be very time consuming. We recommend that you contact your referees (at least three) well in advance of the application deadline and ask them to deposit a reference letter with the dossier service or send it directly to the advertised position. You should also order current transcripts, and develop your c.v.

I have found a position I would like to apply for - what do I do?

Contact Vivian with all the necessary information - the deadline for applications, what materials and documents are required, complete name and mailing address to which items should be sent. You could even give her a copy of the actual job posting.

If you have any questions regarding the dossier service in the Department of English, please stop in to see Vivian in University College room 2401 or email