ES 4452Z

Earth Sciences 4452Z: International Field School.

A thematic field course to a different international destination each year; the theme usually focuses on economic geology.
2017-2018: Columbia
2016-2017: Phillipines
2015-16: Republic of Finland. Geology and ore deposits of the Fennoscandian Shield: gold mineralization, massive sulphide deposits (Cu, Zn, Au), chromium, and Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization. 
2014-15: Dominican Republic. Volcanism, tectonics, mining.
2013-14: Sultanate of Oman. Semail ophiolite, copper and chromite mining, petroleum geology, coastal and continental sabkhas on the Barr Al Hikman peninsula, meteorites.
2012-13: South Africa. Bushveld Intrusion, Witswatersrand basin, Barberton greenstone belt, and Vredefort impact structure.
2011-12: Brazil. Paleoproterozoic orogenic domain of the northern São Francisco craton in Bahia State, Quadrilátero Ferrífero mining district in Minas Gerais State.
2010-11: Philippines. Metamorphic terranes, magmatic arcs, ophiolitic complexes, sedimentary basins in Northwestern Luzon.
2009-10: Turkey. Kirka mine, Koru deposit, Halilaga deposit, Ovacik deposit, Kisladag deposit, Ayazmant mine, Samli deposit, Kucukdere mine, Western Anatolia.
2008-09: Spain and Portugal. The Iberian Pyrite Belt.
2007-08: England: classic tin-tungsten mineralization in Cornwall and Devon.
2006-07: Cyprus. Troodos ophiolite.

Cross-listed with the Geology 9600Y graduate course.

Photos from the Field