ES 3350Y

Earth Sciences 3350Y - Advanced Field Mapping Techniques

Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Dates: May 1-11, 2023

Instructor: Dazhi Jiang

This course is held from May 1-11 each year. A field school in a deformed metamorphic region. Emphasis will be on mapping techniques at large scales (from individual outcrops to macroscopic scales). The students will learn how to identify, measure, and document geological features at the outcrop scale and to make connections between outcrops. They are required to understand the structure of their map area in three-dimensions and to establish a kinematic synthesis for the history of their map area.

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Fees and Registration:

Fees for 2023: $430

Payments will be collected between Feb 13th-Feb 20th, 2023, with the final payment deadline of Feb 20th. Students must use their UWO email address to make their payment.

Payments will be collected electronically here

Photos from the Field