Dr. Robert Linnen

Bob Linnen

Professor & Robert Hodder Chair in Economic Geology
Ph.D. McGill University, 1992
Office: BGS 1000B
Labs: BGS 0072, 0162
Phone: 519-661-2111 x.89207
Fax: 519-661-3198
Email: rlinnen@uwo.ca

Research Interests

My research focuses on the behavior of metals in magmatic-hydrothermal systems. My approach is to combine field and experimental studies to identify the mechanisms that are important for concentrating metals and controlling mineralization, then quantify these processes to develop ore deposit models and exploration strategies.

Selected Publications

  • Tang Yong, Linnen, R.L. and McNeil, A.G., 2022, An experimental study of pyrochlore solubility in peralkaline granitic melts. Econ. Geol., ; doi:10.5382/econgeo.4958; 15 p.
  • Liu, C., Wang, R., Linnen, R., Wu, F.-Y, Xie, L. and Liu, X.-C., 2022, Continuous Be mineralization from two-mica granite to pegmatite: Critical-element enrichment processes in Himalayan leucogranite plutons. American Mineralogist, in press.
  • Good D.J., Linnen, R.L., Meghji, I., Samson, I.M., and McBride J., 2021 Relationship of the Geordie Lake Cu-Pd deposit to Alkaline Basalt and Augite Syenite in the Coldwell Complex, Midcontinent Rift, Canada. Can. Mineral. 59, 1571-1597.
  • Fabre, C., Ourti, N.E., Mercadier, J., Cardoso-Fernandes, J., Dias, F., Perrotta, M., Koerting, F., Lima, A., Kaestner, F., Koellner, N., Linnen, R., Benn, D., Martins, T., Cauzid. J., 2021, Analyses of Li-rich minerals using handheld LIBS tool. MDPI Data 6, 68. https://doi.org/10.3390/data6060068.
  • Cao, Y., Good, D.J., Linnen, R.L., Samson, I. and Ruthart, R., 2021, Genesis of the low sulfide-high-grade PGE mineralization in the W Horizon, Coldwell Complex, Canada: quantitative modeling for PGE reef-style mineralization in syn-magmatic sills. Mineralium Deposita, 56, 1151-1176.
  • Brzozowski, M.J., Samson, I.M., Gagnon, J.E., Linnen, R.L. and Good, D.J., 2021, Effects of fluid-induced oxidation on the composition of Fe–Ti oxides: Implications for the application of Fe–Ti oxides to petrogenesis and mineral exploration. Mineral. Dep. doi.org/10.1007/s00126-020-00988-4. 
  • De Souza, S., Perrouty, S., Dubé, B., Mercier-Langevin, P., Linnen, R.L. and Olivo, G.R., 2020, Metallogeny of the Neoarchean Malartic gold mining camp, Québec, Canada. In R.H. Sillitoe, R.J. Goldfarb, F. Robert and S.F. Simmons eds. Geology of the World’s Major Gold Deposits and Provinces. Soc. Econ. Geol. Sp. Publ. 23: 29-52.
  • Brzozowski, M.J., Samson, I.M., Gagnon, J.E., Good, D.J., and Linnen, R.L., 2020, Oxide mineralogy and trace-element chemistry as an index to magma evolution and Marathon-type mineralization in the Eastern Gabbro of the Coldwell Complex, Canada. Mineral. Dep. doi-org.proxy1.lib.uwo.ca/10.1007/s00126-020-00985-7
  • Feng, Y., Liang, T., Linnen, R., Zhang, Z., Zhou, Y., Zhang, Z. and Gao, J., 2020, LA-ICP-MS Dating of high-uranium columbite from No. 1 Pegmatite at Dakalasu, the Chinese Altay orogen: assessing metamictization effect on age concordance. Lithos, Volumes 362–363, June 2020, 105461.
  • McNeil, A.G., Linnen, R.L., Flemming, R.L. and Fayek, M., 2020, A new experimental approach for examining magmatic metasomatism. Amer. Mineral. 105, 1078-1087.
  • Brzozowski, M.J., Samson, I.M., Gagnon, J.E., Good, D.J., and Linnen, R.L., 2020, On the mechanisms for low sulfide, high PGE and high sulfide, low PGE mineralization in the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex: Evidence from textural associations, S/Se values, and PGE concentrations of sulfides. Econ. Geol., 115, 355-384.
  • Gaillard, N., Williams-Jones, A.E., Clark, J.R., Salvi, S., Perrouty, S., Linnen, R.L. and Olivo, G.R., 2020, The use of lithogeochemistry in delineating hydrothermal fluid pathways and vectoring towards gold mineralization in the Malartic district, Québec. Ore Geol. Rev. doi.org/10.1016/j.oregeorev.2020.103351.
  • Shabaga, B.M., McNeil, A., Fayek, M., Linnen, R.L. and Potter, E.G. 2020, Rare earth element partitioning between fluids and uraninite at 50-700°C. Can. Mineral. DOI: 10.3749/canmin.1900037.
  • McNeil, A.G., Linnen, R.L. and Flemming, R.L., 2020, Solubility of wodginite, titanowodginite, microlite, pyrochlore, columbite-(Mn) and tantalite-(Mn) in flux-rich haplogranitic melts between 700°-850 °C and 200 MPa. Lithos 252-253, doi.org/10.1016/j.lithos.2019.105239.


Future Students

Dr. Linnen is no longer accepting students.