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Dr. Currie Palmer


Currie Palmer

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Princeton University
Office: BGS 1000D
Phone: 1-519-661-2111 ext.82253
Fax: 1-519-661-3198

Research Interests

My principal research interest is in studying the fabric of igneous rocks, especially diabases and felsic ashflow tuffs. The goal of this work is to establish flow patterns in these rocks, which when integrated over a broad geographic region, may yield insights into the source vent locations. The diabase studies have the additional goal of discovering whether major diabase sill provinces are related to coeval dike swarms. In so doing, I hope to make a contribution to the space-time patterns of large igneous provinces.

Experimentally, much of the fabric determination is performed through the measurement of anisotropy of magentic susceptibility (AMS) supplemented by the determination of the anisotropy of laboratory-induced remanent magnetizations. The techniques of paleomagnetism are used to establish whether one or more cooling units are involved in these regional studies.

Selected Publications