Department of Earth SciencesWestern Science

Structural Economic Geology Workshop, Oct. 27-31

New Modular Style Grad Course
Geology 9701A, Structural Economic Geology in Mineral Exploration
Oct 27-31, 9am-5pm
Biological and Geological Sciences Building, Room 1084

Course Instructor: Dr. Rogerio Monteiro
R.W. Hutchinson Visiting Industrial Professor and President of Vektore Exploration Consulting Corporation

  1. Introduction and Tools and Methods in Structural Exploration and Mineral Exploration
  2. Fold and Fault Geometries and Asymmetries, Joint & Vein Mapping and Frequency
  3. Outcrop Analysis and Oriented Samples
  4. Structural Analysis in Boreholes
  5. The V-SET© Method and vKore-Structure software
  6. Working with Borehole Images and drill core

For further information contact Robert Linnen, Director, Resource Geoscience Western,

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