Geophysics 9509

Geophysics 9509: Geophysics Field School

Location: Southern Ontario

Dates2024 TBD

Instructor: Sheri Molnar

An off-campus Geophysical field school providing an introduction to geophysical techniques, including gravity, magnetic, seismic and electromagnetic methods. Classroom lectures, with accompanying outdoor sessions and field exercises. Offered in co-operation with other Universities, with participation from geophysical contractors. The course meets professional registration requirements for Field Techniques (Geophysics). The course takes place during a ten day period in early September in the Calabogie and Admaston areas south and east of Ottawa (roughly eight hours drive from London). Students completing the course will learn to operate proficiently basic geophysical instrumentation; to design and carry out geophysical surveys to meet industry needs in mineral exploration, environmental engineering and petroleum exploration; to reduce and interpret data arising from such surveys; and to communicate the results of the surveys through professionally written reports and presentations.

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*Cross-listed with the Earth Sciences 4451Z undergraduate course. 

Fees and Registration:

Dates/Fees TBD

Photos from the Field