Geology 9600Y

Geology 9600Y: International Geoscience Field Experience

Location: Philippines

Past trip destinations have included: South Africa, Colombia, Guatemala, Philippines etc.

Instructor: Neil Banerjee

Dates: TBD

A research-level field course to globally significant international or Canadian geological type localities. Students will gain practical field experience through the collection, analysis, and presentation of primary geological and geophysical field data. Lectures/ seminars/ practical exercises will emphasize the interaction between the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the Earth system.

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*Cross-listed with the EarthSci 4452Z undergraduate course.

Fees and Registration:

Anyone interested in learning more about this field course is asked to email Dr. Banerjee at

A committee will adjudicate students on the basis of grades in program courses, a vision statement submitted as part of the application process, and demonstrated interest in field studies. The committee may, at their discretion, interview potential candidates.

Students will be expected to enroll and receive a half-course credit in either 4452Z for undergraduates or 9600Y for graduate students. Please inform Jason if you wish to apply for a course overload to take this course in addition to your regular course load.

Students are expected to contribute toward the cost of the trip to cover transportation, accommodation, and other expenses. Students will also be responsible for their own food and miscellaneous expenses. Trip costs are currently estimated between $2500-$3000 per student. Students are encouraged to offset costs through funding from the Global Opportunities Awards offered by Western International, the Hodder Bursary, fundraising, etc. It is anticipated these mechanisms should be able to offset most of a student's upfront costs. In previous years costs were reduced to ~$500 on a per-student basis using these mechanisms.

Photos from the Field