Winter 2024

This course schedule is subject to change. Please refer to student centre for the most up to date information.

GEOLOGY 9566: Advanced Petroleum Assessment

Instructor: Bruce Hart 

Advanced-level study of characterization and quantitative assessment of petroleum plays and prospects, with an emphasis on the integration of Geoscience, introductory reservoir engineering and basic economic indicators on the valuation of oil and gas properties. Labs will analyze case studies using industry software. 

 Course Outline: TBA

*Crosslisted with ES 4472B

GEOLOGY 9576: Glacial and Quaternary Geology

Instructor: Alina Shchepetkina 

Much of the surface of Canada is covered by Quaternary sediments deposited by glaciers. In this course, we will take a holistic look at glaciers. First, we will look at how glaciers form, where they are found, and how they grow, shrink, and move. Secondly, we will talk about glacial erosional and depositional forms, how we can reconstruct glacial movements, which sub-environments exist within a glacial system, and which type of deposits are being left by them (i.e., geomorphological and sedimentological evidence). Thirdly, we will examine the Quaternary period: its timescale, fossil animal and plant evidence used to reconstruct the Quaternary environments and ecology, dating methods, and associated climate changes. Finally, we will broaden the picture by discussing ancient glaciations, human-climate interactions, and practical use of glacial deposits, such as aquifers, sewage reservoirs, sources of construction materials, and mineral exploration in glaciated terranes.  During the labs, practical exercises will be undertaken to characterize and interpret glacial materials.

 Course Outline: Geology 9576

*Cross-listed with ES 4462B

GEOPHYSICS 9508: Applied Seismology

InstructorSheri Molnar

An advanced overview of seismic hazard analysis for earthquake engineering purposes including strong motion seismology, earthquake site response and site classification techniques. Students will assess earthquake site response from earthquake recordings, numerical simulations, and evaluate case studies worldwide. Various software programs are used to model predictions of earthquake site response.

 Course Outline: Applied Seismology 

*Crosslisted with ES 4423B

GEOPHYSICS 9520: Environmental and Exploration Geophysics II

Instructor: Katsa Goda 

An advanced course covering the geophysical techniques used for subsurface sensing, with applications to environmental studies and resource exploration. Data analysis includes seismology, gravity, electromagnetic and radiometric applications.

 Course Outline: Here

*Crosslisted with ES 3320B

GEOLOGY 9580/GEOPHYSICS 9580: Graduate Seminar

Instructor: Roberta Flemming 

This is a required course for all new M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the Department of Earth Sciences. The objectives of the course are to: i) write and present a thesis/project proposal, ii) develop strong research skills, iii) learn how to effectively present information orally,  iv) become familiar with grant proposal writing, and v) practice scientific and professional learning skills through teamwork exercises.

 Course Outline: TBA

PLANETARY SCIENCE 9606: Remote Sensing and Image Analysis for Earth & Planetary Science

Instructor: Catherine Neish 

The principle objective of this course is to provide participants with a strong technical and conceptual grounding in remote sensing data. The course will focus on image analysis; learning the ability to manipulate and analyze a wide variety of remote sensing data sets. Participants will get a hands-on experience applying the learned techniques to diverse terrestrial and planetary data sets and deriving meaningful geologic and environmental information. It will feature both overview lectures on background theory, as well as hands-on exercises using satellite data, geological maps, and field data. This course is intended to provide the non-specialist analytical tools when working with various types of spatial and spectral data.

 Course Outline: PS 9606