GEOMETRIC Laboratory
  • Trace metal geochemistry laboratory located in the Biotron building

  • Clean chemistry laboratory for metal isotope research

  • Mineral separation laboratory

  • Delivery of the Thermo iCAP Qc ICPMS in October 2015

About Us

The GEOMETRIC (GEOchemistry, METeoritics, and Radiogenic Isotope Chronology) laboratory is dedicated to research on metals (elemental abundances, and stable and radiogenic isotopes) in geological and extra-terrestrial materials to establish their origin and formation history.

The GEOMETRIC lab was established by Dr. Audrey Bouvier in 2015. It is located in the Biotron and Material Sciences Addition buildings. 

The clean chemistry lab includes state-of-the-art equipment for the preparation of geological and extra-terrestrial materials prior to chemical and isotopic analysis at the mass spectrometer. It hosts polypropylene DFMZ perchloric acid, HEPA and ULPA total exhaust fume hoods for sample digestion and chemistry, and HEPA laminar flow hoods for sample preparation.

The mass spectrometry lab hosts a Thermo iCAP Qc quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) for measuring trace element abundances in geological and extra-terrestrial materials.

Laboratory construction and equipment were funded by Western, and Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund and Ontario Research Fund awards to Dr. Audrey Bouvier.

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