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Nadine Weedmark
Admin & Budget Manager, WORLDiscoveries Business Development Office
Western CIM


What are your three key strengths?
1. Organizational Skills
2. Managing Concurrent tasks
3.Interpersonal Skills

Reason for taking course/program?

To build on and further solidify my strengths

What three adjectives would you use to describe the course/program?
1 Challenging

What stands out about what you have learned?
No matter how much work or school experience you have, there are always new things to be learned!


How are you using what you have learned, and what difference is it making in your professional and personal life?
I am more thoughtful and methodical in what I do.  For example, I think about my email content/correspondence much more than I ever did in the past.  I also feel that I analyze situations in more depth prior to expressing thoughts/opinions on them.  Overall I was reminded that people make up organizations not things.  That means it doesn’t matter how practical a decision is, if people aren’t informed and involved in the process they will be reluctant to accept it.

How would you describe your experience at Continuing Studies?
My experience at Continuing Studies was fantastic.  I have met so many terrific people from campus and made a lot of friends.  I found the instructors to be enthusiastic and approachable and although the workload was heavy at times, the instructors always acknowledged that we also had full time jobs and lives outside of the classroom.


How was the experience of going back to school as an adult learner?

It was stressful at times, I think that generally, adult learners put much higher expectations on themselves and I was no exception to this but it felt good to get my brain in gear and I knew that I was doing something good for myself on both a personal and professional level.


Compared to other courses you may have taken elsewhere (other schools, in-house training), what makes Continuing Studies different?

I felt like my time was well spent, I’ve left other courses/workshops feeling like they were more of a waste of time than a benefit which is frustrating!



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