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Linda Brock

Linda Brock
Director of Administration, Faculty of Social Science
Communications and Public Relations


Course/Programs taken at Continuing Studies? 

I am working on my Professional Certificate in Communications and Public Relations.  I also participated in the on-campus French at Noon: The Basics, Part I.

Reason for taking course/program?  

We are privileged to work for an employer willing to invest in their employees’ development.  It is only fitting that we should then invest in ourselves.  I might not have thought that these particular courses would be truly applicable to my specific position, but surprisingly every day I can apply some principles I have learned.


What three adjectives would you use to describe the course/program?
1. Fun
2. Creative synergy
3. Engaging

How are you using what you have learned, and what difference is it making in your professional and personal life?

One of the instructors told us that he would be happy if we could pick up a few “nuggets” from the course he offered, and I have certainly done that.  One nugget that certainly applies to life-long learning is:  “Sit in the front row of your own life. Don’t just let it happen. Be engaged.”


How would you describe your experience at Continuing Studies?

I am amazed at the breadth of experience the learners bring to the classes.  They cover a broad spectrum – new workers and more experienced workers, public institutions and private businesses, big city and small town.  They all bring different perspectives to the courses

How was the experience of going back to school as an adult learner?

I don’t think that I have left school!  I have found that there is nothing scary about being back in a classroom.  No one cares about your age unless you do. I always say each course will be my last – then I receive a catalogue and get excited about the next one!

Compared to other courses you may have taken elsewhere (other schools, in-house training), what makes Continuing Studies different?

The courses at Continuing Studies are very practical for today’s workforce.  I am also taking on-line courses for my CHRP designation, and these Continuing Studies courses are short and concise enough that they still fit with my schedule.  The folks at Continuing Studies are friendly and accommodating – they understand that we may need flexibility in registering for courses.

Life-long learning is part of the culture here in Social Science.  Brenda Hutchison, the AO in History has taken a number of courses, including Strategic Leadership.  She joined me at the French at Lunch class.  Also with us at the French at Lunch was Debra Merrifield, the AO in Economics, who is also registered in the Western CIM program. Wendy Palmer is an Admin Assist here in the Dean’s office, participating in the Communications courses with me – and is working on her BA part-time!  The list goes on….


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Linda Brock

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Gordon Rogerson   
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