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Collaborative Conflict Resolution


Reason for taking course/program?

I am a believer in life-long learning and consider it a privilege that these educational opportunities are made available to employees of Western.   I take courses for both both personal and professional development.  They provide me with tools for my professional toolbox and developing skills that I can use both in my work environment and as I pursue future studies. Most recently Collaborative Conflict Resolution provided me with new perspectives and approaches to handling conflict.

What three adjectives would you use to describe the course/program?
1. Engaging
2. Interactive
3. Collaborative

What stands out about what you have learned?

More often than not, the only behavior I can change is my own.  Learning to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses, and recognizing how I can be most effective in my work and how I interact with others was a powerful learning moment 

How are you using what you have learned, and what difference is it making in your professional and personal life?

This course has made me more aware and attuned to how I respond in moments of conflict or potential conflict.  By being more self aware, I can move the conversation to one a point where change is possible and positive progress in the discussion can take place.

How would you describe your experience at Continuing Studies?

I found the instructors to be experts in their professions, engaging the class and providing an interactive environment where experiences could be shared.





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Gordon Rogerson
Gordon Rogerson   
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Linda Brock

Linda Brock
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