Continuing Studies

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Invest in Yourself

Eligible employees at Western are provided with an educational assistance plan to pursue professional development as per their employee agreement. Many Continuing Studies courses qualify for advanced or reimbursed funding through Western’s Educational Assistance Plan administered by Western Human Resources.


Courses 7 days or longer.

Advanced Funded means you will not have to personally provide payment and seek reimbursement. Only eligible Western employees may register for an ADV course without having to pay for it in advance.


Courses 7 days or less.

You pay at the time of registration. When you successfully complete the course, forward a certificate of attendance and payment receipt to receive reimbursement provided you still qualify for educational assistance funding and have not yet reached your funding limit from Human Resources.



A few Personal Development courses have not been approved for Advanced Funding or Reimbursement through the Education Assistance Plan; however we think that you’ll find that they are well worth your personal investment!

Western believes that providing support for employee education is a smart investment.  Western University would like to invest in you.


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