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Continuing Studies at Western specializes in adult learning. We understand the unique needs of adults and design all of our courses and programs with those needs in mind. We know that one of the greatest challenges facing adults who want to return to or continue learning is a fear of failure, and we go to great lengths to provide an environment that will enable students to be successful, while at the same time challenging them to push their boundaries.

Designing innovative, unique and exciting programs, and choosing exceptional instructors who understand adult learning are the most important things we do; this is what sets us apart as a leader in continuing education.

Courses and programs are designed with your career and life aspirations in mind. This category of courses and programs can be further defined as follows:

Professional Certificates
We offer a wide variety of professional and personal development programs designed to build on your educational or work experience and take your career or personal interests to a new level. There is no application process for our Professional Certificates; simply register online or over the telephone and we will look after the rest. Students are not required to enrol in the entire program, however the Professional Certificate will only be awarded upon successful completion of all requirements in a program.

Individual Courses
With few exceptions, all of the courses that we offer at Continuing Studies can be taken as stand-alone courses. These courses offer the best of the academic world and the real world, blending cutting edge research and exceptional instruction with applicable skills. While many courses are not evaluated-no tests, exams or assignments-others do involve testing, assignments, and group work. Please note that there is no application process for these courses; simply register online or over the telephone and we will look after the rest.

Online Courses
Our wide array of online courses add convenience and flexibility to your learning experience. Learn on your own schedule and study during the times of the day when you are at your most productive.


ADV - Advanced Funded

Courses that take seven days or longer. The course fee will be automatically deducted from your Educational Assistance.

RMB - Reimbursed
Courses that take less than seven days. You pay at the time of registration. When you complete the course, you will forward a certificate of attendance and a payment receipt to receive reimbursement provided you still qualify for educational assistance funding and have not yet reached your funding limit from Human Resources.

NF - Non-Funded
A few Personal Development courses have not been approved for Advanced Funding or Reimbursement through the Education Assistance Plan, however we think that you’ll find that they are well worth your personal investment


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