The not-for-profit sector faces unique challenges in achieving success in the 21st Century. The Professional Certificate in Not-For-Profit Management has been designed to meet the on-going needs of not-for-profit team members and leaders. This program consists of several areas identified by Continuing Studies at Western as keys to success for any manager within a not-for-profit organization. Each two day seminar is facilitated by an individual with experience and expertise in the subject and working knowledge of the not-for-profit sector. Each facilitator brings unique experiences and perspectives that participants can relate to while they learn.

Individuals who are interested in working in the not-for-profit sector, but have little experience in the field may be interested in our Post-Degree Diploma in Not-For-Profit Management.

To be awarded the Professional Certificate in Not-For-Profit Management by Continuing Studies at Western, participants must complete all eight of the following courses and attend 80% of instructional hours in each course:

  1. Introduction to the Not-For-Profit Sector
  2. Effective Boards: Best Practices, Governance and Administration
  3. Grant Writing
  4. Volunteer Management
  5. Event Management (formerly Event and Project Management)
  6. Fundamentals of Financial Management for Not-For-Profits
  7. Public Relations and Communications for Not-For-Profits
  8. Fundraising and Development

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