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To receive the Professional Certificate in Conflict Management: Alternative Dispute Resolution, you must successfully complete the following required courses:

Required Courses:

  1. Collaborative Conflict Resolution -
  2. ADR: Theoretical Perspectives

A total of 16 days of instruction from our selection of additional Conflict Management courses.

Successful completion of a course is achieved by attending 80% of instructional hours.

Professional Certificate Requirements

Courses may be taken individually or in combination to meet the requirements of our Professional Certificate in Conflict Management: Alternative Dispute Resolution. Depending on your learning or career objectives, you may choose either a mediation or a negotiation stream. The program is recognized by the ADR Institute of Ontario and the London Area Mediators’ Association. In addition, some courses can be counted as training hours towards Family Mediation Canada’s requirements, as well as the requirements of the Insurance Institute of Canada.




Conflict management helps parties resolve their differences without resorting to a more confrontational adjudicative process. It looks at needs, interests and solutions and can promote healing. It is voluntary, timely, confidential, and based on mutual agreement. It is designed to yield solutions that are adapted to the particular circumstances of individual cases and focuses on solving problems rather than imposing solutions.

Since 1987, Continuing Studies at Western has delivered leading edge training in conflict management skills. Using proven techniques and strategies, we offer a broad range of conflict management courses that enable you to develop in-depth understanding and skills applicable in virtually any situation.

Our instructors are expert and experienced mediators, facilitators and negotiators. More importantly, they know how to share their knowledge and expertise in ways that will allow you to build your own knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence. Our skill-building curriculum is designed to enable you to learn and understand the theory and concepts of conflict management, and then apply them in increasingly complex scenarios and simulations. Real world applications and examples enable you to use the skills and knowledge from our program in virtually any situation in which you want to achieve a win-win solution.

Our small class sizes provide countless opportunities to interact and network with classmates, and to share and learn from each other’s experiences. There are numerous opportunities built into the curriculum for you to practise and apply the concepts and techniques. Individual coaching and feedback enable you to develop your skills and confidence in conflict management.

Who Should Take This Program?

Leaders and managers

For 20 years, leaders from a variety of business types and industries have attended our courses. This includes human resource professionals, line supervisors, team leaders, teachers, trainers, counsellors, lawyers and anyone interested in adding this unique and valuable skill set to their current roles.

Career-motivated individuals

Conflicts and disputes arise in all industries. You might be a young professional looking for a leg-up on the competition, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran seeking to take your career to a new level. Skills in conflict management can complement any career focus and give you a marketable advantage over others seeking the same advancement.

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