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To assess, investigate, treat, teach and research the causes of epilepsy.


To improve the lives of people with epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Program at London Health Sciences Centre is dedicated to the diagnosis, management, teaching and research of epilepsy and related disorders. It is dependent on a highly qualified team of professionals consisting of neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, psychologists, EEG technologists neuropathologists, neuroradiologists and neurophysiologists.

Its centrepiece is the 8-bed, in-patient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at University Hospital, the largest in Canada. Devoted primarily to investigation of patients for possible epilepsy surgery, the Epilepsy Unit is also used to aid diagnosis of epilepsy and other related conditions, and to evaluate patients for other types of treatment, including trials of antiepileptic medications. Over 2000 operations for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy have been done since 1974. While the majority of patients treated in the Epilepsy Unit are from Ontario, patients from across Canada and as far away as Holland, Mexico, Spain and Australia have come to London Health Sciences Centre as a result of its specialized expertise in epilepsy. A large number of patients are followed in our daily epilepsy clinics staffed by 5 epileptologists and 3 neurosurgeons. Two pediatric neurologists are also members of our group. Weekly Epilepsy Rounds and bi-weekly Epilepsy Surgery Rounds provide a forum for discussion of complex cases.

In addition to patient care, the program supports world-class research and teaching. The most important clinical trial of epilepsy surgery worldwide was done in London and published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2001. More than 30 neurologists and neurosurgeons have come to our program from numerous countries in order to learn about the management of complex epilepsies.


Dr. Richard S. McLachlan :: Neurology (Co-Director)
Dr. Andrew G. Parrent :: Neurosurgery (Co-Director)
Dr. Jorge G. Burneo :: Neurology
Dr. Seyed Mirsattari :: Neurology
Dr. David C. Diosy :: Neurology
Dr. David A. Steven :: Neurosurgery
Dr. Sandrine deRibaupierre :: Neurosurgery
Dr. Warren T. Blume :: Neurology
Dr. G. Bryan Young :: Neurology
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