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The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at London Health Sciences Centre represents one the most comprehensive, multisubspecialty groups in Canada. Skilled neurologists and neurosurgeons provide advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available for patients with a wide range of neurological disorders. These new and innovative treatments are providing new hope for many patients for a healthier and more normal lifestyle.


The CNS Department is nationally recognized for leadership in stroke, brain and spinal injury, spinal degeneration, tumours, brain infections, cerebrovascular diseases and epilepsy. The expertise of the faculty has been presented in numerous professional forums, which include welI, over 1000 scientific publications, abstracts, and presentations at national and international meetings.

Our department offers expert opinion and care for individuals referred to us by neurologists and neurosurgeons from across Ontario and Canada. We are one of only two centres in Canada capable of treating complex epilepsy and we are one of only a few centers in Ontario involved with the care of complex Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and neuromuscular disease.


The department offers a comprehensive neurosciences training experience to highly qualified personnel, including exposure to cutting-edge neuroscience and clinical medicine. The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at London Health Sciences Centre is considered one of the best neuroscience programs in Canada. The number and diversity of interests of the neurosurgeons and neurologists enable this department to continue to provide the standard of neurological care in the Ontario area in the foreseeable future.


The department is one of the few organizations in Canada that hires both physicians and surgeons, creating a higher level of collaboration and a competitive advantage in the treatment of complex neurological disorders.

London’s role as the leading centre in the most important clinical trials in stroke prevention over the past twenty years has hinged on the collaboration of our neurologists and neurosurgeons. Clinical neuroscience researchers continue to maintain the highest per capita research funding at London Health Sciences Centre.


Our multidisciplinary team includes colleagues in radiology, anesthesia and pathology of brain conditions. Our hospital site is in close proximity to collaborative basic scientists in imaging and cell biology at the adjacent research institutes, which guarantees future groundbreaking research.

Robarts Research Institute (Neuroimaging Groups) London Regional Cancer Centre
Lawson Health Research Institute Victoria Hospital
Siebens-Drake Research Institute Neurogenetics Group
St. Joseph’s Heath Care Biostatistics Group
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