Craig Harvey

Postdoctoral Associate

BA (Queen’s), MA (Victoria), PhD (Michigan)

Lawson Hall Room 3206



Areas of Interest:

Roman archaeology, Roman provincial and frontier studies, the Roman East, imperialism and cultural exchange, ceramic building materials, baths and bathing, numismatics

Current Projects:

The Vindolanda Archaeological Leather Project: The Production, Use and Preservation of Roman Leather. Ongoing research project to analyse, record and database the assemblage of Roman leather at Vindolanda Fort and settlement.

The Humayma Excavation Project, Jordan. Ongoing archaeological project exploring Nabataean, Roman, and early Islamic settlement in southern Jordan. Currently in publication phase, with volume 3 of the final report (Humayma Excavation Project, 3: The Roman Fort) expected in 2022.

Select Recent Publications:

Forthcoming. “A Late Fourth Century Purse Hoard from the Site of Humayma (Ancient Hauarra), Jordan.” American Journal of Numismatics Second Series 34.

Forthcoming. C. A. Harvey and M. B. Reeves. “Photogrammetric Documentation and Phasing of a Rock Carving Gallery at Humayma.” Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 60.

2020. “P.Mich. inv. 5417a: Letter from Terentianus to Tasoucharion.” Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 57: 43-48.

2019. “A Preliminary Typology of Brick and Tubuli from the Late Roman Bath at ‘Ayn Gharandal, Jordan.” Pp. 159-180 in Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan Amman, Jordan: Department of Antiquities.

2018. “The Ceramic Building Material Industry along the Southern Limes Arabicus: The Nabataeans as Suppliers to the Roman Army.” Pp. 601-607 in C. S. Sommer and S. Matešić eds. Limes XXIII: Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies, Ingolstadt, 2015. Internationalen Limeskongress in Ingolstadt 2015. Beiträge zum Welterbe Limes Sonderband [Special Volume] 4. Mainz: Nünnerich-Asmus Verlag.

Select Recent Presentations:

2021. “Opulence on the Edge of Empire; Imitation Marble Veneering in the Roman Fort at Hauarra (Modern Humayma, Jordan).” Presented at the Annual Conference of the Classical Association of Canada, Virtual Conference, May 25-28.

2019. “The Nabataean Ceramic Building Materials from Petra’s North Ridge: The Effect of Roman Imperial Domination on a Local Industry.” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research, San Diego, Nov. 20-23.

2019. “Triumph in the Desert? A Possible Depiction of a Triumphal Scene from the Roman Fort at Humayma (Ancient Hauarra), Jordan.” Presented at the Annual Conference of the Classical Association of Canada, Hamilton, May 7-9.

2019. “The Cylindrical Heating Pipes of the Roman Bath at ‘Ayn Gharandal.” Presented at the 14th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan (ICHAJ), Florence, Jan. 21-25.

2018. C. A. Harvey and M. B. Reeves. “Ceramic Building Materials from the Roman Fort at Hauarra (modern Humayma, Jordan): An Examination of the Manufacturing Processes.” Presented at the 24th International Limes Congress, Belgrade–Viminacium Sept. 2-9.

2018. C. A. Harvey and S. Tews. “Bathing in Petra: Insights from a Newly Discovered Bath on the Petra North Ridge.” Presented at the 3rd International Conference on Petra and the Nabataean Culture, Amman, June 18-21.

Publications in Progress:

Bathing on the Edge of Empire: The Construction of Baths in Rome’s Eastern Provinces. - monograph

(with E. M. Greene) “Preliminary Excavation Report on the Tile Kiln in Vindolanda’s North Field”

“Wheel-made Tubuli: The Development and Use of a Provincial Heating Pipe”

“A Fragmentary Wall Painting of a Triumphal Scene from the Roman Fort at Hauarra (Modern Humayma)”

“The Ceramic Building Materials” - chapter to be published in The Final Report of the Petra North Ridge Project.