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Recommended Optional Non-Chemistry Courses

These courses are suggested because they provide valuable transferrable skills to professional scientists.

Writing 2131F/G - Writing for Sciences

We single out Writing 2131 because one of the chemists greatest tools is concise and powerful writing. We strongly encourage all students to take a writing class. Many students say writing their thesis was the most difficult thing they had to do, even more challenging than the research. No prerequisites are required.

Other Suggested Offerings

Business Admin 2295F/G
This is a business course specifically for science students in Years 3 and 4. No prerequisites are required.

Biology 2244A/B - Analysis & Interpretation of Data
This course is about measurement, data sampling, estimation, and the testing of statistical hypotheses. It is great for analytical chemists.

Computer Science

Philosophy 1230A/B - Reasoning and Critical Thinking
This course is designed to enhance a student’s ability to evaluate various forms of reasoning found in everyday life.


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