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Electives for Chemistry Students

Students are required to choose a minimum of 2.0 courses from this list of Chemistry Options, that we've roughly grouped according to research themes. Two important points to note:

Chem 3300 - Computer Methods in Chemistry

Before the breakdown, we single out Chem 3300F/G.  But, you might ask, "I'm not a computational chemist, why should I take it?" In this course you will learn how to use computational chemistry methods and general-purpose scientific software to visualize molecular structure, model reaction mechanisms, simulate molecular spectra, and facilitate numerical and symbolic calculations. Because these tools are widely used in nearly all chemistry disciplines, the course is highly recommended for all chemistry students.

Other Chemistry Options Sorted by Interests

The electives you selelct will influence your future research and employment interests, as well as make you more employable in particular industries. These are grouped roughly by our faculty reseach themes, as many of these courses blur the traditional chemistry divisions.  

Note that Chem 2210A/B (environmental) is largly intended for a non-chemistry audience. Students cannot take this course in their 4th year, and it is an antirequisite to Chem 4491E. Similarly, Chem 3393B (medicinal) is designed to follow the Chem 2213/2223 sequence, but anyone with medicinal interests can take it.

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