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Biochemical Electives

Chemistry is the Science of Everything. And, biochemistry is just one part that, so every Professional Chemist needs minimally some basic knowlege of biochemistry in addition to the core. Students with a strong interest in chemistry related to life sciences are advised to take additional biochemistry options. 

You must select at least 0.5 course from the following:

Biochem 2280A

This course covers the foundations of biochemistry. Select it if you are considering a joint module with Biochemistry, or a double major with Biology or a BMSc department. Those planning to pursue a chemistry career related to life sciences are strongly encouraged to take Biochem 2280A.

Chem 3391A/B

This course is highly recommended if you are interested in inorganic chemistry and wish to learn about why metals are essential to life.

Chem 4493A/B

Take this course if your interest lies in the area of organic and synthetic chemistry.

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