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President's Safety Awards

The Department of Chemistry has received many President's Occupational Health and Safety Awards for its contibutions to workplace safety.


Chemistry Solvent Dispensing Facility – Dr. Rob Lipson & Marty Scheiring

As Chair of the Chemistry department, Rob Lipson campaigned for and secured funding to make possible the Solvent Dispensing Facility in the Chemistry Building. With the funds secured, Marty Scheiring was able to make the facility a working reality. He researched similar facilities and contributed to the design and construction of the dispensing room. Marty has had to continually monitor the construction and worked closely with the project team. The Solvent Dispensing Facility has received its final certification and is poised to be commissioned.

Chemistry Health and Safety Committee – Dr. Robert Hudson, Dr. Kim M. Baines, Dr. Mark Workentin, Dr. Elizabeth Gillies, Dr. Clara Wren, Dr. Yang Song & Rob Harbottle

When the Chemistry department was chosen to pilot the OHS Risk Management Plan (RMP), the Chemistry Health and Safety Committee took on the task of preparing the RMP for implementation in the department. The Committee developed communication plans, initiated a departmental inspection schedule and developed checklists and recording tools to meet the RMP requirements. This group has been instrumental in creating a culture of safety in the Chemistry Department. The Committee has been innovative, proactive, and effective in educating its members in health and safety to ensure a safe working environment for the Chemistry personnel.


Dr. Mark Workentin

Dr. Workentin agreed to help Occupational Health & Safety find an alternative to the base bath of potassium hydroxide dissolved in isopropyl alcohol typically used in chemical synthesis labs for cleaning glassware. This solution is flammable and odorous. His group tested a product that is non-flammable, non-odorous, less expensive and does not evaporate. This alternative will reduce the use of flammable solvents, potential exposure to harmful vapours, and improve safety. He is promoting use of this base bath within his department.


Custodians Steve Bellyk, Paul Boshart and Victor Lamanna

Custodians Steve Bellyk, Paul Boshart and Victor Lamanna for their efforts in promoting safety in addition to providing "outstanding custodial services." "This custodial team works with the researchers, instructors and laboratory technicians in chemistry. In addition, staff worked with students and researchers to segregate waste and to provide new methods to make things operate more efficiently and safely.


Marty Scheiring

Marty Scheiring for establishing a "cradle-to-grave" chemical bar coding system for inventory purposes. The system is linked to a permanent database which can be readily accessed by personnel in Chemistry and by Occupational Health and Safety. The database is also available to the London Fire Department in case of emergencies.

Dr. Michael Kerr

Dr. Michael Kerr for his participation as a member of the university Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team.


Lesley Tchorek

Lesley Tchorek for her dedication to safety in Chemistry and on campus.