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MSDS Information

Laboratories are responsible for maintaining their own MSDS information. A minimum acceptable standard is that MSDS information can be accessed by the internet from a direct link (shortcut icon) on the desktop of laboratory computers. OHS has listed a variety of sources for MSDS information. These sources are listed at:

You may choose from the various suppliers of MSDS information listed on the OHS site for those relevant to your work. This is not an exhaustive or exclusive list, you are free to use MSDS from any other supplier for your particular chemicals.

The best practice is to keep hardcopies for the most hazardous, commonly used chemicals in the laboratory in the Laboratory Safety Documentation Binder used. Hardcopies of MSDS that are “hard to find” because the compounds are rare, specialty or otherwise unusual should be kept within the laboratory and accessible to lab workers.

List of designated substances from OHS