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Emergency Contacts

In case of a building emergency that necessitates an immediate evacuation:

For an event that does not require immediate evacuation of the building, but requires urgent attention, please contact one of the individuals below. Note that dialing 911 from a campus phone connects to campus police; they will dispatch the necessary emergency personnel such as SERT, HAZMAT team, Fire Prevention, Campus Police, or external services.

Yining Huang, Dept Chair
Office: ChB 120A
Campus phone: extension 83122
Off-campus phone: 519-476-3573

Zhefing Ding, Chair of Safety Committee
Office: MSA 0203
Campus phone: extension 86161
Off-campus phone: 519-495-6763

Campus Police / Fire Prevention
Emergency: 911 - do not dial 9 first from a campus phone
Inquiries: extension 83300
Off-campus phone for inquiries and campus 911 from a cll phone: 519-661-3300
Physical Plant: 24-Hour Services and Maintenance
Campus phone: 83304
Off-campus phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 83304