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1st Year Chemistry LAB, MSA Barakat Misk:

Important Documents:

In order to request a work order at the Electronic Shop, all non account owners are required to have a valid Research Delegation Of Authority Electronic Shop form on file with the shop.  If we do not have one on file, please fill out and print the form, sign it and submit it to the shop.

the Shop

Software and Download: ResearchDelegationOfAuthorityElectronicShop.pdf

** For MicroLab Assistance Contact **

Computer Administrator

Barakat Misk:
Phone: (519) 679-2111 ex. 86304

For 1st Year Chemistry Assistance Contact

Sandra Zakaria Holstag:
Phone: (519) 679-2111 ex. 86927

Jan Mathers:
Phone: (519) 679-2111 ex. 86927

Susan England:
Phone: (519) 679-2111 ex. 86328/86340

Mike Brandt:
Phone: (519) 679-2111 ex. 86927

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