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Scope of Service

Although our primary focus is to meet the needs of the Chemistry Department we also do work for other groups in need of our service both on and off campus.


Chemistry Department - $20.00 per hour
Other Departments - $40.00 per hour
Off Campus - $50.00 per hour

Requests for parts or labour on a UWO research account will need to have a Delegation of Signing Authority Form filled out and filed at Research Finance.  If you have already done this for Mustang Market or ChemBioStores, you do not need to do it again through the Electronic Shop.  The Electronic Shop has been approved utilize either Mustang Market or ChemBioStores purchase authorizations.


University of Western Ontario
Rm. 023, Chemistry Building
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 5B7


John Vanstone
Phone: (519) 679-2111 ex. 86304
Fax : (519) 661-3022


Three experienced Electronics Engineering Technologists... with over 60 years combined experience.

John Vanstone:
Barakat Misk:
Jon Aukema:

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