ChemBioStores stocks a wide variety of common chemicals, lab supplies, glassware, stationery, gases, dry ice and liquid nitrogen. We are open to all Departments within the University with a valid speed code and a Western ID.

When using research accounts, an approved Delegation of Signing Authority (DoSA) form is required for Liquid Nitrogen. The PI must complete the Delegation of Signing Authority form for each staff or student member. This will authorize them to purchase Liquid Nitrogen on the PI’s research account(s), until the end date specified on the form.

Non-stock orders can be placed using the Order Request Form which also requires DoSA. Staff and students without DoSA can still place non-stock orders through ChemBioStores with their PI's signature or email approval for each form submitted. Completed order forms can be dropped off at ChemBioStores or emailed to

To purchase either 95% or 100% ethyl alcohol from ChemBioStores, staff and students must first be authorized by your PI to purchase on their behalf by completing the Ethyl Alcohol Authorization Form. The completed form should be emailed to

Location and Contact Information

Rm 003, Chemistry Bldg
Ph: 519-661-2168, ext 82168

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Courier Address

Western University
1151 Richmond St
Chemistry Bldg 
Rm 003, Dock 11
London, ON N6A 5B7

ChemBioStores Staff listing