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Allnatt, Alan R. 86316
Baird, N. Colin 86324
Computational chemistry, chemical education
Bancroft, G. Mike 519-661-4117
Synchrotron radiation, materials chemistry, surface science
Bolton, James R. -
Chan, Raymond -
Cory, Robert M. 250-360-8448
Dean, Phil A.W. 86331
Synthetic and structural inorganic chemistry
Haines, Roland A. 86844
Hunter, Duncan H. 86347
King, Jim F.  -
Kidd, Garth -
Lau, Leo
Computational materials chemistry, green energy and green manufacturing technology
Martin, Ron R. 86314
Synchrotron radiation analysis, metals, teeth anthropology, dentistry
McIntyre, N. Stewart 86703
Surface science, synchrotron science
Meath, William J. 86334
Theoretical chemistry
Norton, Peter R. 84180
Nanoscale studies of materials; study of friction, lubrication and wear at the nanoscale; microfluidics; chemical trafficking at the membranes of live cells; patterned biocompatible and bioactive surfaces for nanoscale studies of live cells
Payne, Nicholas C. 83793
X-ray crystallography
Peterson, Nils O. -
Ware, William R. -
Wardlaw, David
Theoretical chemistry, chemical reaction dynamics, rate theory, laser-mediated reactions, stability of chiral molecules in open systems
Weedon, Alan Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry


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