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Arghya Paul

Arghya Paul

Contact Information

Title: Associate Professor
Office: TEB 353
Lab: TEB 424 (The Fordham Center for Miobmedical Engineering)
Office Phone TEB: 82249, ChB: 88531
Phone (Lab): 519-661-2111 ext. 82249
E-mail: arghya.paul@uwo.ca

Organic Teaching Division

Chemical Biology and Biomaterials

Bioactive materials, Hydrogels, Gene/Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Nanomedicine, Stem Cell Therapy

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B.Tech., WBUT, India; M.Sc., McGill University, Canada; Ph.D., McGill University, Canada; NSERC and FRSQ Post-Doctoral Fellow Harvard Medical School, Boston



Our research focuses on developing new class of bioctive materials, nano drug delivery vehicles and hybrid tissue regeneration matrices primarily for orthoregeneration and cardiovascular research. Specifically, my work aims to (1) innovate at the biomolecular and cellular level to develop new biomedical technologies for angiogenesis, immune-modulation and regeneration therapy (2) exploit the stem cell-material interactions and mechanistic pathways, and (3) discover therapeutic strategies which can be translated to point-of-care patient applications.


Selected Publications