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James Noël

Zhifeng Ding

Contact Information

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: Rm 20 ChB 
Phone (Office): ext 88029
E-mail: jjnoel@uwo.ca

Physical & Analytical Teaching Division

Materials: Design, Function and Characterization

Electrochemistry and Corrosion Studies

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B.Sc., M.Sc. Guelph; Ph.D. Manitoba



The Noël group employs innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to solving problems that straddle the boundaries of chemistry, physics, earth sciences, metallurgy, and materials science, especially those related to materials electrochemistry and corrosion/degradation. This often requires designing and constructing specialized apparatus for novel experiments or extreme environments, performing high resolution surface analyses and precise measurements of fundamental physical chemical quantities by electrochemical and other appropriate means, and detailed data analysis, fitting, and computer modeling. Much of our work is related to ensuring the safety and longevity of metallic containers for the permanent disposal of nuclear fuel waste.

Our lab is well equipped for electrochemical measurements, such as standard potentiometric and voltammetric methods, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, photoelectrochemistry, high temperature electrochemistry (to 200°C), rotating disc and rotating ring-disc electrode approaches, microelectrode and microelectrode array techniques, micro-electrochemical cell experiments, resistance probe corrosion rate monitoring, etc. We also work closely with Surface Science Western, Canada’s premier surface analytical facility, and the Western Nanofabrication Laboratory to acquire detailed surface structure and composition determinations that complement and inform the results of our electrochemical and corrosion experiments.

We seek to explore and resolve issues of fundamental scientific importance that are also industrially relevant.

Some examples of work performed or in progress include: